4 ways your sleep could be affecting your skin

Sleeping is recommended for healthy skin, but it can also be detrimental if you don’t sleep right. These 4 bedtime habits can render your skincare ineffective, so it’s time to put them to bed.


Sleeping positions

Even if sleeping on your stomach is comfortable, it can affect your skin negatively. Your skin needs to breathe just as much as you do, so throwing your entire face into your pillow could be a big no-no. There’s not enough oxygen circulation with your face pushed into the pillow, so you’re bound to develop unwanted skin issues like acne, wrinkles, clogged pores or eye bags.

Your skin doesn’t have to go through all that- but if it has, our Manuka Natural Restorative Rich Night Créme can come to your rescue. With every completed night face wash, apply this nourishing cream and glow again.

Unsuitable bedding

Placing your skin on unclean bedding can cause bacterial infections leading to pimples, whiteheads and eczema- even if your actual skin is clean. There’s also a chance of night sweats or other fluids causing mould if not attended to quickly, so clean bedding is a must.

In addition to keeping your slumber space clean, the material of your bedding matters as well. Synthetic fibres aren’t breathable, and can irritate sensitive skin further. Rather, opt for good quality cotton or silk pillowcases and sheets.

Sleeping with makeup on

How often do you go out with makeup on and come back too tired to remove it, so you just go to bed with it on? You might want to stop doing that. Your skin is meant to get rid of old cells and give life to new ones during sleep, but it can’t do that if the new cells can’t push to the surface because of makeup.

If your skin is looking dull due to this bad habit, our Manuka Natural Even Brighter is here to help brighten up your dull skin and bring it right back to life. But remember, it can only do that if you wash your makeup off and keep your skin healthy.

Not getting enough sleep

8 hours of sleep is just the right amount- anything less than that is fine on some days, but sleep deprivation can harm your skin terribly. The exhaustion you’ll feel physically will definitely show on your face and cause dark circles around your eyes, unwanted breakouts, rashes caused by an affected immune system and skin puffiness. So catch some good Zs every evening for overall health- including that of your skin.

Our Rescue Me All Purpose Soothing Gel coupled with the right nighttime routine, can soothe your skin right back to its original form.

Sleep can affect your skin just as much as it can help it, so do your part to ensure it stays healthy. Prioritise your skin, always.