Apicare for specific skin concerns- Kay Kay’s story


We believe in our products and their effectiveness, because we’ve seen their positive effects over time. We recently got a chance to catch up with Kay-Kay, to see how Apicare has helped him address his specific skin concerns. Here’s more.

What have your main skin concerns been?

“I had a lot of acne and eczema and I also just had hectic dry skin, and it was mostly from my shoulders going up to my face. It was constantly pimply, so I never found a product to fix that.”

In cases such as Kay-Kay’s, there’s more than one skin concern at play which can make finding the right routine a bit tricky. When creating our formulations, we aim to find that delicate balance between cleansing and moisturising, without causing more damage to the skin. 

Which Apicare products do you use?

“I’ve been using the Manuka 30% Honey Creme and the Manuka Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash for the past 6 months. I recently started using the Manuka Natural Even Brighter serum as well.”

The combination of a therapeutic cream and gentle exfoliator is always a good place to start your skincare routine. You can learn more about the ingredients and uses of the Manuka 30% Honey Creme here, as well as the Manuka Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash here.

The Manuka Natural Even Brighter Serum is another great addition. Formulated with a plant-derived skin brightener called Giga White, this serum can help treat dark spots and skin discolourations.

Have these products helped you with your skin concerns?

“They’ve definitely helped me- Apicare has been the first product that I have found that actually works with exactly what I want it to work on. I never could find if my skin was too oily or too dry- Apicare has gotten it to a point where it’s balanced now and my skin has been clearing up.

My scars have been also slowly clearing up. I’m not sure if that’s from the brightener or not, but they are. It’s showing a huge difference. With the cream I saw a difference within the first 2 weeks. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Which Apicare product is your favourite to use?

“I guess the cream, because it’s the one I’ve been using mostly. I’m still waiting to see how the brighter works but the cream is really good. The face wash is really amazing too, it exfoliates really gently.”

We love to hear stories such as Kay-Kay’s- they enforce our aim which is to create natural skincare products that help alleviate problem skin. Remember that every skin type is different, and the products which have helped him specifically may not work for all skin concerns. You can identify your unique skin type here.

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