Apicare’s Spring ’21 Skincare Essentials


Enter the season of brighter, healthier skin with our Spring ’21 essentials. Our natural range is infused with nourishing Mānuka honey- helping you repair and moisturise more, with less fuss. Here are our 4 must-haves this Spring.

Mānuka Natural Sun Protect

Now that the weather is more inviting, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of plans for how you’ll be spending your time out and about. But before you skip out the door and into the sun, applying a generous amount of sunscreen is a must. That’s where our Mānuka Natural Sun Protect mineral sunscreen moisturiser comes in. Its broad spectrum SPF15 provides superior protection from UVA and UVB sun rays, all without leaving any white residue. As a bonus, its zinc based formula is 100% natural and soothing- even on sensitive skin.

Mānuka Lip Save balm

Kiss spring hello with our Mānuka Lip Save balm. Containing plant oils, this lip butter melts into the lips - hydrating, conditioning and softening them instantly. It’s an amazing blend of Mānuka honey along with nourishing plant oils, butters and natural, mineral sunscreen to protect from the sun’s harsh rays.

Rescue Me Soothing Gel

With the change of weather we love so much and more outdoor time, come allergies and insect bites that can irritate our skin. Since these bites and allergic reactions are often inflamed and sensitive, we recommend a gentle, natural cream or ointment. Our Rescue Me Soothing Gel contains anti-inflammatory Mānuka Honey, cooling essential oils and soothing Aloe Vera- perfect for that pesky itch!

Don’t leave the house without these soothing and protecting springtime essentials. Use as often as needed, and your healthy skin will be glowing all season long!