How is skincare different for men vs women?

Gendered marketing is nothing new- especially not in the skincare world. But is there truly a need for the differences between skincare products aimed at men, versus women? And why do we as Apicare not separate our products in this way? Here’s our take. 


There are certain biological differences between male and female skin. According to dermatologist Dr. Ted Lain, cisgender men's skin is 25% thicker than that of cisgender women, due to a higher collagen content. Men’s oil glands are also more active, allowing for greater innate moisturisation throughout their adult years.

Having said this, at Apicare we aim to address the link between lifestyle and skincare. Your lifestyle can impact your skin’s health significantly, regardless and at times, in spite of your biology.

Lifestyle vs. Gender

Much of the difference between different people’s skin lies in lifestyle choices and habits, which then lead to specific skincare concerns. For example, facial shaving can leave men’s beard areas exposed to irritation, ingrown hairs, etc. 

Additionally, skincare in general tends to be promoted to women more so than men. This could lead to some men neglecting their skincare until a much later age, at which point substantial damage (such as sun damage) may already have occurred.

Why we’re gender-neutral

At Apicare, we believe the most important factors to consider when creating your skincare regimen are your skin type, as well as the specific skin concerns which you’d like to treat (eg. sensitivity, pigmentation, acne, etc.). These factors are universal and can occur regardless of gender, age, etc.

Apicare products are for anyone and everyone who’s looking for natural, gentle skincare that’s effective in treating a variety of skin concerns. Skincare is healthcare; each and every person deserves to enjoy the benefits of healthy, happy skin.

Ultimately, the best products for you will depend on your specific skin concerns. And no matter what those are, you can rest assured that Apicare has your back. Need help finding the right products for your skin? Get in touch with us on our Facebook and Instagram.