Managing dry and combination skin this season

The change of season can be really daunting if you suffer from dry or combination skin, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’d like to enjoy Autumn without having to worry about your skin flaring up or breaking out, you can with a few simple steps.

Use lukewarm water

Your skin has its own natural oils that keep it moisturised and healthy- this is why it’s so important to avoid using hot water when washing your face. Hot water removes natural oils and causes your skin to become unbelievably dry which, if you already suffer from dry skin, is the last thing you need.

Moisturise immediately

Try not to wait too long after washing to moisturise your skin- anything from 3 to 7 minutes is enough. This is a great way to keep the water trapped in your skin for the radiance and hydration it needs. Waiting too long to moisturise will cause your skin to become drier and may cause it to break out, even once moisturised. Browse our dehydrated and dry skin range for the perfect skincare to help keep your skin glowing throughout autumn and beyond.

Exfoliate properly

You might be exfoliating your skin this season, but still finding that it gets really dry. If that’s the case, you’re probably doing it too much or not often enough. Exfoliating dry or combination skin only twice a week is enough- anything more than that will leave your skin feeling and looking dry. It’s also important to use a gentle cleanser, such as our Manuka Natural Gentle Exfoliating Wash , especially if you’re got sensitive skin.

Stay hydrated

Water is necessary for healthy skin throughout the year. If you don’t feel as thirsty in the colder months as you usually do in summer, your diet can easily make up for the water intake you’re missing. Take a look at these foods that can help you maintain the hydration of your skin this season.

Treat your skin

Summer can get quite hot, which isn’t always good for your skin. The moment it’s over and autumn hits, you’re stuck with dull, damaged and discoloured skin. Try using a repairing cream such as our Manuka Therapy Honey Crème or Rescue Me All Purpose Soothing Gel to help your skin return to its natural state.

These are just a few tips you can use to help your skin stay healthy come change of season. It’s best to adjust your skincare routine for different seasons, as well as to use more natural based products. Healthy skin year-round starts with better skincare and healthier habits. We wish you a lovely Autumn!