Managing itchiness during an eczema flare-up

The itchiness of eczema flare-ups is more than just a nuisance- it can impact your quality of life if it becomes unmanageable. Thankfully, there are some ways to manage and prevent it. Here are a few.

Find the right products

Using the wrong products on your eczema can be counterproductive, bringing more irritation to an already sensitive area. Certain fragrances and ingredients in some products may be exacerbating your itchiness, even if they provide short-term relief.

Whether you’re treating your flare-up with a prescription cream or not, you’ll likely need something to help manage your day-to-day symptoms. Go for simple products which focus on a specific need (eg. to moisturise, repair or heal). You may find that natural ingredients, such as our Manuka honey Therapy products, have a soothing effect due to their natural anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

Moisturise regularly

Make moisturising a part of your daily routine. Keep your favourite products on hand, either in your bathroom or on your nightstand, and use them at least every morning and evening.

Another tip is to carry your favourite moisturiser on the go throughout the day. Having a cream or ointment handy when you’re out and about makes it easy to treat sudden flare-ups of dryness or itchiness. If a smaller size isn’t available, you can decant it yourself into a small, clean container. Be sure it’s sealed tightly so that it doesn’t make a mess in your bag.

Some flare-ups go through “cycles”, so it’s good to listen to your skin and moisturise preventatively, instead of waiting until the itchiness has become unbearable.

Shower smart

When showering, avoid using hot water- opt for lukewarm instead. Getting a water filter can help protect your skin from any harsh chemicals used to treat tap water in your area. Use a soft, cotton towel and avoid scrubbing- pat dry instead. Moisturise directly after you’ve dried your skin off- creams such as our 30% Honey Creme will help create a protective barrier to lock the moisture in.

Avoid scratching

When itchiness flares up, the urge to scratch can be maddening. As tempting as it may be to scratch, this usually just makes the problem worse. Become aware of your urge to scratch, and take a few deep breaths or count slowly until it passes. If the urge is particularly bad (especially at night when you’re sleeping), consider trimming your nails or wearing some cotton gloves to bed.

Preventing and treating eczema flare-ups can take some trial and error until you find the best routine for yourself. Even when it gets overwhelming, it’s important to not give up. Managing eczema is possible, and so is enjoying life- with or without flare-ups!