Should I change my skincare routine in autumn?

Switching up your skincare routine with the seasons is vital. Here’s why.

Skin interacts with the environment

Your  skincare routine is only as good as the season it’s set up for. The same way you change your wardrobe for autumn, is the same way you should switch up your skincare routine. A dry season calls for a regimen that’ll compensate for moisture loss. So hydration and moisture retention should be your main goal.

Maintain your radiance

If your skin is looking dull and lacklustre, it’s likely due to the crisp, dry autumn air. This is your skin telling you it’s struggling to draw moisture from the environment - let alone trying to retain any. This is a great time to introduce light or penetrating oils into your routine. Natural oils are great for moisturising skin, as they create a barrier that traps moisture in your skin. Many of our dehydrated and dry skin range products are infused with natural plant oils, and specially formulated to boost your skin’s radiance.

Beat the itch

The lack of moisture in the air means that your skin is more likely to feel itchy, and may develop dry patches or blotchy redness. Choosing a thicker moisturiser which promotes hydration, such as our Mānuka Natural Rich Day Crème, should do the trick.

Make your products work this season

Some products just aren’t suited for the autumn season. Cream cleansers are likely to be a great replacement for your sensitive skin. Use gentle exfoliants and keep them to a minimum (1 once weekly) to get rid of dead skin cells.

For your body, switch to a hydrating soap or wash. Use warm instead of hot water, and lightly pat dry before applying your nourishing body butter.

If you suffer from eczema/atopic dermatitis or psoriasis, its best to talk to your dermatologist about switching your products, as certain allergens can worsen the flare-ups.

Combat dry lips and eyes

Dry lips and eyes are a sign of dehydration. When the temperature drops, the intuitive thing to do is cosy up with a hot beverage. Often, that hot drink is caffeinated and high in sugar- meaning you’re probably doing a lot of bathroom runs and losing water in the process.

Keep track of your water intake and try your best to hydrate throughout the day. Eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content as well. This way, you’ll be beating seasonal dryness from the inside.

Everyone’s skincare needs are different. How you change up your routine will depend entirely on your needs. If you’re not sure about your skin type, check out our Skin Assessment Quiz to help guide you in the right direction!