Struggling with sensitive skin? Here’s help

Is your skin often itchy and red? Do you get rashes frequently and react to skin products almost immediately? You may have sensitive skin. Here are some tips to help you manage it.

Get to the cause

There are numerous reasons for skin being sensitive. For instance, as we get older, skin can become more sensitive. Conditions like eczema and rosacea can also be underlying contributors to skin sensitivity. It’s important to nail down the cause of your skin sensitivity so that you can treat it, as opposed to just managing symptoms.

Read ingredients

Get in the habit of reading the ingredients lists of products and food before purchasing it. This will help you know which ingredients to avoid, and which ones your skin loves. For example, if a product contains artificial fragrance or triclosan, it’s likely to dry your skin and cause irritation. 

Check out our sensitive skin range

Apicare has been around for years, and throughout this time, we’ve been using the magic of Manuka honey to help people achieve and maintain healthy skin. Our sensitive skin range offers a balance of rich cleansers, moisturising serums and natural sun protection to help you relieve sensitivity and maintain a healthy glow.

Sensitive skin isn’t easy to treat, but luckily there are ways that you can reduce and manage sensitivity, while investing in the health of your skin. Not sure what your skin type is? Read this.