What is combination skin and how can you treat it?


Trying to find the right routine and products to care for your combination skin can get pretty frustrating. How do you balance out your skin without using harsh, harmful products? Here’s our advice.


What is combination skin, exactly?

People who have combination skin may have oily skin with some normal or dry patches, or normal skin with dry or oily patches. The skin around the temples, eyes and mouth is usually normal or dry, and the T-Zone may be oily. Although the focus is usually on the T-zone’s oiliness, it’s possible to have other parts of your face be oily while others are dry.

How can you take care of it?

This is the tricky part - you’ll need to take care of each part of your skin based on how it behaves. This means using products for oily skin on the parts of your face that are oily and normal skin products on the others. This probably won’t apply to cleansers, but will definitely work with your moisturisers, serums and face masks. Here are some of the products we suggest:

Manuka Natural Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash

This is a gentle and soap free face wash, which means it’s lighter and less harsh than most cleansers. Unlike most exfoliating face washes, it’s gentle enough to use every day and will help you remove dead skin, makeup and dirt without stripping your skin of its natural oils and protection.

Our Manuka Sun Protect Moisturiser

Although this sunscreen moisturiser isn’t solely for normal combination skin, it works well for all skin types and ages. Enriched with Manuka honey and micronised zinc oxide, it helps protect skin from UVA and UVB rays, while giving you a balanced glow.

Combination skin may need a little extra TLC, but it’s not impossible to balance and take care of once you’ve found a regime  that works for you. If you aren’t too sure about your skin type, then have a look at our tips for classifying your skin type so that you can create a routine that serves all your skin’s needs.