Your mosquito bite rescue kit

Mosquitoes are among the least cute and most annoying bugs out there. But, since we often share our living spaces with them, we have to deal with their bites now and then. Since mozzie season is heading our way, we’ll need to prepare ourselves. Here’s how.

Prevention > Cure

Preventing a mosquito bite is usually better than having to treat it, so it’s important to be pro-active and do your best to keep these blood-sucking bugs at bay. Some easy ways include getting mosquito repellent as well as netting for your bed. Since some repellents can be harsh on your health, it’s always good to use natural and non-toxic products when possible.

Ease the itch

The itch is probably the worst part of any mosquito bite, so soothing it is a must. Since these bites are often inflamed and sensitive, we recommend a gentle, natural cream or ointment. Our Rescue Me Soothing Gel contains anti-inflammatory Manuka Honey, cooling essential oils and soothing Aloe Vera- perfect for that pesky itch!

As hard as it can be, try your best not to scratch the bite. It’s satisfying in the moment, but it makes the itch go on for longer so it’s not worth it.

Keep it cool

If you have the urge to apply a cold compress or cool, damp cloth to your bite, go for it. This will help cool the burning, and reduce the itchiness. For best results, do this as soon as you notice the bite- that initial cooling will go a long way.

Allergy no more

According to Mayo Clinic, the red, itchy swelling of mosquito bites is known as “skeeter syndrome” and it’s the result of an allergic reaction to the proteins in mosquito saliva. This means that allergy medications, such as antihistamines, can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Any time you’re going into mosquito territory or entering their season, be sure to have your rescue kit on hand. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance sometimes, so don’t let them ruin your vacation or summer season!