Apicare is the original Mānuka honey skin care, meaning Apicare has a wealth of experience developing skin care using Mānuka honey. 

We use Mānuka honey from our own bee hives ensuring we can trace the honey used from our hives to your product. 

We use Mānuka honey in effective amounts, ensuring that Apicare products get the maximum benefits from healing Mānuka honey. 

Award winning natural skin care with awards from Natural Parent, Free From and Beauty shortlist U.K. 

The Mānuka honey used in Apicare is independently tested and certified with a UMF rating. 

Truly natural skin care formulated with natural oils and extracts and free from synthetic colours, silicones and harsh surfactants. 

Small batches are made by
a highly skilled team, ensuring the quality of the products from selection of ingredients to the final filling stages.