I first came across Manuka Honey a few years ago, when I used it to treat a 2nd degree burn on my leg from a heater. The burn healed within a few days and left no scarring.

I then felt the need to find out more about Manuka Honey as well as natural skincare products that are ethically made and would be able to give my skin the care it needs. Through my research, I found out about Apicare and ordered it from New Zealand. Once I’d started using the products, I knew it was something special. I started sharing them with friends and family, and soon, we knew we couldn’t keep this gem to ourselves. 

Made in New Zealand, Apicare products are natural and ethically produced and packaged. Manuka Honey Skin Care Pty Ltd brings these products to your home, to help you treat skin ailments and restore your skin’s balance without worrying about the effect on the environment.