Apicare New Zealand has always been aware of the world they live in and the impact manufacturing has on the environment. Apicare does many little things on a day to day basis that add up to make a difference. Things like shredding all their waste paper and using this to pack their orders. 

Apicare New Zealand uses pop starch, which is made from corn and is 100% compostable and biodegradable to pack their orders. 

Their new building is built facing north to gather all the wonderful sun and is insulated in the floor, walls and ceiling. Their windows are double glazed and the concrete floor collects the sun’s warmth during the day and releases it in the evening. 

Apicare New Zealand uses rain water for all their water use which is filtered and sterilised with an ultra violet sanitiser. They use no plastic acetate (common in skincare gift packs) and have never used micro plastic beads in their exfoliating products using instead jojoba and bamboo beads.

All the cardboard packaging is made in New Zealand using natural vegetable inks and water based aqueous seals.

Apicare New Zealand packs in recyclable tubes, PET bottles and recyclable pots and all their cardboard packaging is made in New Zealand, using natural vegetable inks and water based aqueous seals. 

Apicare New Zealand is based in the foot hills of the Waitakere ranges and their bee hives are on their own property as well as on farms close by. When selecting sites for their bees, they ensure there is no commercial spraying nearby. 

Manuka Honey Skin Care, which is the official distributor of Apicare in South Africa, will continue with this ethos by printing business cards on recycled paper, and all packaging for orders will be recycled and sustainable.